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Annointed Bibiography Essay Samples - How They Can Help You to Study Better

Annointed Bibiography Essay Samples - How They Can Help You to Study BetterAnnointed Bibiography Essay samples have a lot of things to offer. They can be used for your work that is not related to the religious field and can also be used as an academic field. So let's take a look at some of the advantages.While taking your examination, it is very important to have examples to read. This is because you will find that there are numerous studies available that do not have any examples. When the person using these has to take notes and write his answers he has to improvise without knowing the exact answers. This happens quite often because there are a lot of similar questions on the paper.This makes it more difficult for him to do this if he is not provided with examples for every question. It is only if you have some official documentation that he can understand the study material and write an answer that is correct.Even though you will find it hard to write the entire test paper with no examples, it is much easier for you to write the answers because the most relevant questions are the ones which do not have any examples. When you take the essay samples you will find that they have answers to all of the questions that you will have and this is the reason why they are very helpful.The free sample will be helpful for you, because the answers to the questions will be quite similar to the questions that you will have. Since it is free, you can use it as much as you want. If you are worried about how much you can use it for, you can be assured that you will find yourself using it all through your exam.So, what are the advantages of using the essay samples? Well, there are more than you would think. As mentioned earlier the free samples are very helpful and they are free as well.As a student, there are many other things that you would want to get from an essay samples and one of them is the possibility of knowing the topics that you will have on your paper. With the fre e sample you will know what the topics are and how to find the information on the essay. Also the fact that you have already prepared answers for all of the questions on the paper will be very helpful.

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A Comparative Econometric Analysis Of Museum Attendance By...

looking for causes, how listeners make their decisions to attend and how they critique or respond to performances. Secondly, their approach is correlational that to seek qualitative insight on the experiences of the EJBF audiences. Lastly, they focus on attendances’ perceptions and observe behavior by participating in the events and gaining first hand experiences. Broadly speaking, the authors conduct qualitative research although there are still small amounts of quantitative data of showing ages of respondents and previous festival attendance. In the paper, â€Å"A Comparative Econometric Analysis of Museum Attendance by Locals and Foreigners: The Case of Padua and Seville’’ the researchers convey case studies which were the ‘’ Musei Civici degli Eremitani’’ of Padua and the ‘’Museo de Bellas Artes’’ of Seville. They handed out questionnaires and conducted survey, analyzing a variety of socio-demographic and economic characteristics of visitors by using large quantities of data. Apart from using primary sources which were demonstrated by their obtained data and statistics, the authors also examined the previous study which gained from â€Å"official statistics on attendance, courtesy of the museums’ management’’ to analyze visitors’ participation to EM in Padua and MBA in Seville from 1995 to 2005. Analyzing two similar institutions located in different cities, Padua and Seville respectively, the authors obviously used compara tive research in this study. It is defined comparative

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The Is Worth A Tinkers Damn Is The History We Make Today

â€Å"The only history that is worth a tinker s damn is the history we make today.† Henry Ford made this statement somewhere along the line of his entrepreneurial adventures. Its great men like him that have truly shown us the success of the entrepreneur and sparked my interest. When writing this paper I had two specific goals. First to define what an entrepreneur is by defining what an entrepreneur is; in addition, outlining the types and common characteristics. Second is to allow you the reader to grasp an understanding of what attracts such a crowd to this way of making a living. I hope by the end of the paper you have a better understanding of entrepreneurs, and see how they are an interesting breed that drastically changes our lives in ways and on such a grand scale. Great entrepreneurs are made not born and never be duplicated. It’s very important when to truly understand these entrepreneurs and what attracts others to follow in their footsteps that we truly unde rstand what an entrepreneur is and does. According to our book Boon and Kurtz contemporary Business an entrepreneur is defined as â€Å"someone who is a risk taker in the private enterprise system, a person who seeks a profitable opportunity and takes the necessary risks to set up and operate a business.† While this definition is adequate for describing the general idea that is an entrepreneur there is a deeper defining characteristics of these barons of business. We begin seeing the basic makeup of an entrepreneur inShow MoreRelatedBrave New World Double Entry Journals Essay2092 Words   |  9 Pagescould be successful is for it to be of the people not for them. The revolution can’t be in our society, but instead, in us. | Pg. 11 â€Å"Nothing like oxygen-shortage for keeping an embryo below par.† | It seems unnecessary for the people of BNW to make social classes; won’t social classes always exist? People are not born equal in intelligence or ability in the natural world. What advantage do these â€Å"scientists† think is given by prearranging what each person will be capable of? | Pg.29 â€Å"They’llRead MoreSpeech to Persuade for Travel9677 Words   |  39 Pagesthink its time for our country to start what will inevitably a long debate about fewer hours in the work week. Every time in our history we’ve shortened the working week, one of the key issues was a growing surplus of labor that needed to be soaked up. We’ve addressed that through longer vacations, earlier retirements, and fewer working hours in the week. Well, we look to be heading into a medium to long term period of pretty high surplus labor. Unemployment rates are moving over 10% and they’re

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Australian Commercial Law IRAC Analysis

Question: Write about theAustralian Commercial Lawfor IRAC Analysis. Answer: Hello! While studying about the Contract Law for this semester, a case by the name of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company [1892] EWCA Civ 1 was discussed. This particular case has been referred to under the heading of offer, which is deemed as one of the essential elements in the formation of a contract. In this video, the IRAC analysis of this case has been made, but before that the background of this case has been highlighted. Background In the matter of Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company, the Carbolic Smoke Ball Company was the defendant, which had formed a product by the name of smoke ball (Swarb, 2016). This smoke ball was stated to be the cure for a disease known as influenza, along with for a range of different diseases. Carbolic Smoke Ball Company published an advertisement in the newspaper which claimed that a sum of 100 would be paid to any such individual, who would fall sick with this disease of influenza, even after using the smoke ball manufactured by the company, as per the instructions which were covered in the advertisement (Stone, 2005). This advertisement was seen by Mrs. Carlill and she purchased one of the smoke balls. She then used the purchased smoke ball for three ties in a day for a period of around two months. After this period, i.e., on January 17th, 1892, she contracted flu. And so, as per the advertisement, she made a claim of 100 from the company. Two of the letters sent by Mrs. Carlills husband, who was a solicitor, were ignored by the company (Dosen et al. 2013). When a third request was made regarding the claim for the earned reward, the company replied that if the smoke ball had been used properly, the same would not have resulted in the individual contracting influenza. However, they agreed to hear the claims made by Carlill, so as to be safeguarded from the fraudulent claims, they agreed to hear her side of the story. And they also required her to use the ball in their office daily, which would be overlooked by the secretary (Marson Ferris, 2015). A claim was brought forward by the plaintiff in the court of law. She claimed that the advertisement and reliance supported the notion that a contract was formed between her and the company. And so, the company had to pay her the contractual obligation. However, it was argued by the company that there was an absence of a serious contract (Pathak, 2013). Issue Whether a contract was formed or not, due to the lack of clarity regarding an offer being made? Whether the offer was made to the entire world, or not? Rule A contract depicts the exchange of a promise between the parties, who come together to create legal relations, whereby an activity or task is done by one side, and the other side pays an amount or value of consideration, for the work undertaken. An offer and acceptance, accompanied by consideration, in addition to clarity, intent and capacity have to be present, for the formation of a lawfully binding contract (Gibson Fraser, 2013). When a unilateral offer is made, the same can be accepted by any such individual, who came across such an offer. And to attain if the acceptance has actually been given in the matter, the conduct of the so-called accepting party, has to be evaluated. This very performance of the terms of the contract acts as the base of acceptance in cases of unilateral offer. Moreover, as a unilateral offer is made, the same is made to the whole world to accept and so, can be accepted by anyone; instead of a bilateral offer, where the offer has to be accepted by the party to which the offer was made (Blum, 2007). Application In this particular case, an offer was made by the company, which could be accepted by anyone in the entire world. The acceptance had to be attained from the conduct of the other party, whereby the individual who purchased the smoke ball and consumed it as per the instructions, would be deemed to have acted on the offer and hence, accepted the same. In this matter, there was no need of communicating the intention of accepting the offer, as the acceptance was deemed through the complete performance of the terms of the offer (E-Law Resources, 2017). Conclusion On the basis of this, it can be easily concluded that a contract was formed, due to the presence of a unilateral offer, which was made to the entire world. And the acceptance of the same could be acknowledged from the performance of the terms of the contract. Hence, Carbolic Smoke Ball Company would be liable to pay the promised sum of 100 to Mrs. Carlill. References Blum, B. (2007). Contracts: Examples Explanations (5th ed.). New York: Aspen Publishers. Dosen, A., Ballantyne, T., Brumpton, M., Gibson, K., Harris, Lippingwell, S. (2013). Investigating Legal Studies for Queensland. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. E-Law Resources. (2017). Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co [1893] 1 QB 256 Court of Appeal. Retrieved from: https://www.e-lawresources.co.uk/Carlill-v-Carbolic-Smoke-Ball-Co.php Gibson, A., Fraser, D. (2013). Business Law 2014 (5th ed.). New South Wales: Pearson Australia. Marson, J., Ferris, K. (2015). Business Law. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Pathak, A. (2013). Legal Aspects of Business (5th ed.). New Delhi: McGraw Hill. Stone, R. (2005). The Modern Law of Contract (6th ed.). London: Psychology Press. Swarb. (2016). Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co: CA 7 Dec 1892. Retrieved from: https://swarb.co.uk/carlill-v-carbolic-smoke-ball-co-ca-7-dec-1892/

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AP American History Essays - Irish Diaspora, Irish Genealogy

AP American History Early American Nationalism and Reform The rise of immigration in the mid 17th century lead to a spirit of national reform in the United States. Many Europeans, particularly the Irish and the German, immigrated to America during the 1800s. There were many different reasons for their immigration, and when they came they influenced American culture greatly. The United States changed religiously, because of the German and Irish, politically because of the German and Irish, and economically/socially by virtue of the conflicts between the Irish and the blacks and the influence of the Germans on education. When the Germans and the Irish immigrated to America, they greatly affected us religiously. With the enormous inflow of the Irish and the Germans in the 1840s and 1850s, the Roman Catholics became the powerful religious group. Seeking to protect their children form Protestant education in the public schools, these Roman Catholics began to construct a separate Catholic educational system. This was enormously expensive for the poor immigrant community, but revealed the strength of its religious commitment. ?Native? Americans were concerned that this ?alien riffraff? would establish the Catholic Church at the expense of Protestantism. The Americans formed a party known as the ?Know-Nothing? party, given its name because it was so secretive. This party wanted rigid restrictions on naturalization and immigration and laws allowing the deportation of aliens. This group also caused occasional mob violence against the Catholic schools and churches. This lead to national reform because the Iri sh and the Germans had, in a way, created a new dominant religion, and helped create more religious diversity. The Irish and the Germans were extremely influential in American politics. The Irish possessed an extreme hatred for the British. As the Irish increased their population in the United States to nearly two million, politicians often found it politically beneficial to insult and ridicule England. Most Germans who came to America came because America was one of the brightest hopes of democracy. German liberals with their ideas about slavery and public corruption contributed to the uplift of American political life. Like the Irish, the Germans were influential voters whom the American politicians took great advantage of. However, the Germans were less influential because their strength was more widely scattered. The Irish also affected the United States economically and socially. The Irish came to America because of the horrible potato famine in Ireland. They came to America too poor to move west to buy land, equipment and livestock. Forced to live in poverty they worsened the already poor slum conditions. As competitors for jobs, the Irish fiercely hated the blacks. The Irish, along with the blacks, were at the bottom of the social ladder and competed for menial, low-income jobs. However in some cases, the Irish began to gain control of city machines, most notably, New York's Tammany Hall. Before long Irishmen dominated police departments in a considerable amount of the larger cities. This modified the American economy because now the southern plantation owners could be less reliant on slaves. Later on, this helped the southern economy because when they made the slave trade illegal, the southern plantation owners had already become less dependent on their slaves, because now they also had c heap Irish labor. The Germans helped shape American education when they emigrated form Germany. The Germans came to America better educated them the ?Native? Americans. They supported public schooling, and introduced us into one of their ideas known as kindergarten. The Germans also did many things to stimulate the learning and knowledge of arts and music. This influenced America socially by improving our education with new ideas, and better knowledge. America was greatly influenced in the 1800's by the rise of immigration, principally the Irish and the Germans. Immigration led to a spirit of national reform by affecting America politically, economically/socially, and religiously.

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buy custom Feudal Relationships and Mutual Obligations of Lords and Vassals essay

buy custom Feudal Relationships and Mutual Obligations of Lords and Vassals essay From the reading regarding Henry 1 of England from Ecclesiastical History, in Western Europe, kings were highly respected in the community. They acted as the overall judge on their land. The kings had the power to deliver judgment on their subjects (Burr, 1998). All subjects were supposed to show respect for their king, and in case an individual spoke badly about the king, the king had the power to punish such a person or send the person to exile. In addition, all subjects were supposed to respect the families from which the kings came from. The king would publicly summon an individual, who would be found guilty of speaking against his brothers or other members of his family. Such an individual would be required to confess his/her offenses publicly, and then, the king would deliver his judgment depending on the seriousness of the offense committed (Burr, 1998). In the reading regarding Henry 1 of England from Ecclesiastical History, King Henry had summoned Robert of Bellecircme, accusing him, of committing several offenses against him and his brother, the duke of Normandy. Robert did not respond to the kings summon. Instead, he flew away, were he formed his own castle and sought support from his allies and relatives to defend him against the king. After engaging in unsuccessful confrontations with the kings garrison, Robert finally surrendered to the king. Using his position as the final source of judgment on the land, King Henry 1 banished Robert from his kingdom(Burr, 1998). From The Lais of Marie de France, during the Age of Invasions in Western Europe, the society was divided into two categories: the lords and the vassals. The lords were those who owned riches and wealthy, while the vassals were those people who acted as slaves or servants to the lords. Both the lords and the vassals had mutual obligations toward each other. As illustrated in The Lais of Marie De France, vassals obligation to their lords was to provide advice whenever they were faced with difficult situations. For instance, when the wife of the other wealthy man gave birth to two daughters, her damsel advised her to abandon one the daughters in a church, instead of killing her. The damsel gave the advice to her master as a way of assisting her from suffering the shame of having given birth to two children at the same time (Le Fresne, n.d.). Vassals also had an obligation to protect their lords and their properties. From the reading regarding Henry 1 of England from Ecclesiastical History, the vassals always accompanied King Henry whenever he went out either to deliver judgment to offenders, or to look for offenders. In addition, the vassals had a mutual obligation of informing their lords about all matter, which they deemed important. For instance, when Robert of Bellecircme refused to honor the kings summon and opted to escape, it is stated that a royal servant was the one who informed him about Roberts disappearaance (Burr, 1998). On the other hand, one of the lords obligations to their vassals was to ensure continuity of their generation. This means that the lords had an obligation to get married, and have children. The lords children would become the heirs of their fathers land, hence providing continuity of the lords families (Burr, 1998). In The Lais of Marie De France, when Gurun took Le Fresne as his concubine, the vassals advised him to look for a wife to marry, so that he would have children who would become the heir of his land (Le Fresne, n.d.). In addition, the lords had an obligation to listen to the advice of their vassals. For instance in the reading regarding Henry I of England from Ecclesiastical History, when a group of earls and magnates allied to Robert went to the king asking him to consider reconciliation, a group of knights allied to the king shouted loudly to the king, asking him not to consider their plead. As his obligation to his vassals, the king took the advice, and sent the earls a nd magnates away (Burr, 1998). From The Lais of Marie De France, it is clear that the Western Europe society expected women to respect men. Women would always kneel before men or present themselves in a humble manner whenever they were in presence of men. For example, during the wedding night of Le Codre, her mother knelt before her husband to beg for forgiveness, after she discovered Le Fresne was her daughter. Buy custom Feudal Relationships and Mutual Obligations of Lords and Vassals essay

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Voter Turnout in Local Election Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Voter Turnout in Local Election - Research Paper Example Turnout is bad enough during the a federal election cycle, but when there are no national politics involved, that statistics get even poorer. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to unseat incumbents, many of whom have grown too comfortable in their position to enact meaningful change. There are other issues involved, as well, in the record low numbers of voters turning out in local elections. This paper aims to examine some of those issues, provide implications for such voter apathy should it continue, and propose possible solutions for increasing voter turnout in local elections in the future. There is a wealth of current research looking into possible reasons that local election typically draw such abysmal voter turnout year after year. Many simply blame this on voter apathy, a frustration with current politicians and government in general, or simply on a mismanagement of the election calendar, resulting in elections in off years simply not gaining the attention that the y need to in order to garner a deeper interest in local government. While the reality is that it is likely a combination of these factors that have created the problem, a solution centered on having local elections coincide with the federal cycle will likely be a quick way to improve initial voter turnout numbers. Then, attention could be directed into getting more local involvement in government and restoring trust to the people in their own political system. To begin, let us consider the state of California. Hajinal and Lewis (2003) looked at some empirical research to determine various factors that are leading to low voter turnout in elections for various mayoral and city council races. The feeling was that something needed to be done to combat these low turnout numbers in order to have a more active and politically sensitive government. The study revealed that many residents in various towns and cities throughout the state had lost faith in their local government, so they have c eased any type of involvement in their community political system, most of all among these local elections. As a result, many incumbents are running unchallenged and seemingly unabated in their quest for a career in local politics. Not only has this phenomenon resulted in voter apathy, as it is difficult to get excited about voting when there is only candidate running for various offices, but it has also cheapened the entire political process of local government. The author’s of this study concluded that many local politicians who had been in office for numerous election cycles were now unmotivated to really invoked lasting change in the community, because they had no fear of being unseated. Similar to other studies, it was also uncovered that the same incumbents were supported in every campaign by the same special interest groups who could count on the local politicians to keep voting their way on various issues. It has been little wonder that many local communities simply h ave low turnout on voting day (Hajinal & Lewis, 2003). This study employed a methodology whereby current voting data was triangulated with current events in an effort to determine what remedies could be found to help encourage higher numbers of voters to actually turn out and cast their vote on election day. The research findings and data led to the eventual conclusion that shifting local